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Your brand is what your customers think about it, and not what you think it is.

10 Years Of Experience In Mystery Shopping

SHOPPERS is a specialized research agency, with a focus on Customer Experience Measurement, Sales Channel Effectiveness & Business Intelligence.

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Our Competence

Exemplary Workforce

With over 1000 shoppers active all over SEE, SHOPPERS measures the way your brand interacts with customers. With complex, realistic B2B/B2C/B2B2C scenarios, our dedicated team of clients will be able to gauge the experience offered by your company. We will establish once and for all what your patrons feel interacting with you, and what their overall experience with your brand is.

"Best in class" Solutions

Each member of the SHOPPERS team has over 10 years of CX experience and will strive for a perfect execution in each task. We are dedicated, highly experienced individuals who employ only the most innovative, high quality techniques in the way we conduct our business. We do not use a template for all customers, but rather tailor each research program to your specific needs.

Our Team - Our Competency

With over 10 years of experience in the field of Customer Operations, our team has mastered its approach to Mystery Shopping, which we consider to be our specialty. We pride ourselves with our experience in Market Research and Customer Experience and will develop a unique research approach to suit your needs.

Competitive Business Intelligence

SHOPPERS offers unique business insights that will allow you to thoroughly analyze data. Our information allows you to do research on a global or regional level, and to compare results between chains, countries, regions, etc. Our business intelligence reports are comprehensive and let you observe the evolution of your business over time.

Who we are?

SHOPPERS is a top Mystery Shopping agency that focuses on the effectiveness of your Sales Channel. We provide detailed Business Intelligence, and accurately measure Customer Experience with your brand.

With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers at our back, the SHOPPERS team is one of the best in this domain. We tailor each of our research programs to match the needs and specifications of our brand, and will provide in-depth insights and solutions.

Together, we can improve Customer Experience, Trade-Marketing Performance, as well as boost sales.

Brands from all areas of business have employed and benefited from our services. We are proud of how our feedback helped our customers grow and outperform their competitors.


We deliver more insights, we can guarantee more valid data, and we are truly your BUSINESS CONSULTANTS.

What we do

SHOPPERS is a specialized research agency, with a focus on Customer Experience Measurement, Sales Channel Effectiveness & Business Intelligence.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is an innovative technique that measures your performance and that of your competitors in multiple areas of business: customer experience, or trade marketing performance. Regardless of what your focus is, our team of experienced mystery shoppers will provide an insightful and thorough analysis.

SHOPPERS will tailor each research program to your specific needs, and will work with you to find a cost-effective Mystery Shopping arrangement to benefit your brand.

Whether in a B2B or B2C environment, we offer various Mystery Shopping services, with a focus on sales or post-sales interactions, brand integrity, price knowledge and infrastructure. Our services can be tailored to include: e-mail and telephone contact, web inquiries, lead generation or even face-to-face interaction.

With over a decade of experience with different industries and sales channels, we can figure out the right solution for you. Our experienced and professional Mystery Shoppers will visit your business (restaurant, shop, dealership, etc.) at a set time and evaluate your chosen area.

Our Shoppers are observant and have a keen eye for customer service. They will rapidly measure your chosen criteria and evaluate customer interaction. Afterwards, they’ll provide you with detailed reports, written in an objective and constructive manner.

Want to know more about our Mystery E-mail or Mystery Call services? Or maybe you’re interested in our Lead Generation services? Contact us now to learn more!

Retail Auditing

Measure. Adapt. Improve. With our vital insights on successful trade-marketing investments, customer and pricing strategies, and campaign effectiveness, smart brands have an opportunity to grow.

Through the use of Retail Auditing, we measure your performance, sales, and investments, and help you adapt and grow.

You know best when it comes to plano programming, POS, merchandising, etc. How could you not? You spend millions each year on marketing and developing complex strategies. And yet, you lack vital information on brand effectiveness in stores, investment ROI and retailer compliance.

This is where SHOPPERS steps in. Our reports and assessments give you unique insight into how effective your spending is, why your ROI is as it is, and what you can do to improve your business. We can improve execution and be the bridge between you and your partner agencies and retailers, building a profitable relationship for everyone.

Our Retail Auditing gives you real and accurate insight into your pricing strategy, trade-marketing, and campaigns.

Customer Research

Who are your customers? What motivates them? What do you know about their buying behavior? Preciously little.

But with our Customer Experience Research, you can know more. Our programs offer unique insight into their core values and motivations so that you can tailor your customer service approach to their specific needs.

Our insights, collected through digital as well as in-person means will deliver accurate information you can implement today.



We measure your sales channel strategies and performance, as well as your trade-marketing investments, and alert you to opportunities, as well as possible threats. Our information is from a global context, and we proudly partner with IT, telecom, service providers, imaging manufacturers, and many others. We work with manufacturers, as well as retail. In other words, we work for you.


We will evaluate your sales performance, your motor show activity, and the effectiveness of your used-car programs. We’ll inform you of your competitors’ performance, and give you real insight into OTR prices, and what the competition is offering. We’ll monitor your promotional activities and tell you which ones are actually generating conversion rates and sales. Furthermore, we’ll tell you what activities your competition is using, and how you can amp up those transaction prices. SHOPPERS works with anyone, both retailers and manufacturers, in the IT, telecom, service providing, consumer electronics or imaging sector.


With a thorough and experienced understanding of multi-channel and cross-channel marketing, our special retail team will give you useful pointers about your customer service (both in-store and online), management of destination and non-destination stores and POS implementation. We will help you define your goals and achieve them. We’ll help you build brand loyalty and connect with your customers. E-retail is one of our key marketing aspects. It’s no secret technology has changed the commerce industry, so we make a point of measuring your performance with e-retailing channels.

Banking & Financial Services

In over 10 years of business, we’ve worked with some of the biggest credit card providers, insurance brands and retail banking providers. With this ample experience behind us, we can easily measure your brand’s regulatory compliance. We can tell you what needs improvement, as far as retail commerce is concerned. We monitor credit card acceptance and identify useful KPI’s that will help you grow and ensure success in the future. With varied experience in the banking world, we can tell you what your competitors are doing right, and what you’re missing.

Consumer goods

Chances are, whatever your product is, we’ve got some experience with it. Having worked with furnishing brands, household product vendors, white goods manufactures, and even to toy brands, we know how to optimize your multi-channel strategy and trade-channel investment. We monitor both your online and offline approach and work with you to better it.

Health and Personal Care

Our 10+ years of experience have also seen us partner up with health professionals and personal care distributors. With hefty and varied experience in these fields, we understand what your clientele needs. We can optimize your approach to sales channel, customer interaction and investments, and help you find the right approach that will drive sales up.

Fashion and Lifestyle

We also have extensive knowledge and a thorough understanding of the fashion retail industry, as well as the vendorship of luxury goods. Based on our experience, but also our tailored research, we bring you valuable data about your business. Furthermore, we outline an action plan based on that data, to improve your business today. Our team on experienced researchers can give you a fair idea of how to build brand loyalty, and what KPI’s will guarantee your success in the future.

Travel & Hospitality

We understand we live in difficult times. Still, we make it our business to identify a precise action plan for your business (be it a travel agency, hotel chain or some other carrier). Our unique programs not only measure, but also find a way to improve customer satisfaction and brand experience. Customer service is a defining factor in business rating, and our insights can show you what you need to change, in order to rank as highly as possible. From KPI’s to actual staff training, our research will outline the best approach for your business to improve customer experience.

How we do it

Proven implementation methodologies, lean project management structures and years of experience. We can have your projects up and running in a few weeks.


Development of your program

Some of our competitors believe there’s a magical, one-size-fits-all approach to what we do. We, on the other hand, believe every business and every industry is different.

We measure your business through our Retail Auditing and Mystery Shopping programs based on who you are. Our research program is tailored to suit your specific needs and to identify any potential problem areas for your business, specifically.

SHOPPERS has made a name for itself as a Mystery Shopping provider thanks to our unique and bulletproof approach to the craft. Through a careful blend of correct sampling and other research techniques, we provide you with a detailed action plan to improve your business.

With SHOPPERS, business growth is easy.

Management and Execution of Projects

Our team of experts aims for 100% customer satisfaction, both for our own services, and for yours.

With a thorough understanding of methodology, business framework, and marketing approach, we are able to provide you insight that will yield immediate success.

Our carefully-selected team of Mystery Shoppers has a keen eye for any potential flaws in your customer service approach and will swiftly and professionally identify them and work with you to correct them.

Delivering Insights

Our business is more than just delivering data. Yes, we give you a thorough report of your business, but we also outline a business approach to fix the errors. Our team of analysts and statisticians is specifically trained to spot any holes in your business and help you identify what is relevant to today’s customers.

Through our online Portal, you can view your results and unique insights in real-time, as well as other relevant information that will lead to improvement. We use our data to grow your brand and to help you better understand this little-known side of the business.

Our Solutions

SHOPPERS offers tailor-made solutions for various business needs. Although, we keep focusing on the same outcome: improving your business performance, top line and bottom line.

Customer (Service) Experience

Through a unique approach to Mystery Shopping, SHOPPERS has chiseled a name for itself as one of the leading research agencies in Customer Experience. We not only analyze but help you improve your customer's experience.

Pricing Research

Our programs will help you understand pricing in your area of the market. From pricing policies to strategies for discount, even to your relationship with your retailers, SHOPPERS can help you adapt and improve.

Brand Recommendation

We also analyze the effectiveness of your sales team. Since conversion rate is heavily influenced by a customer’s in-store interaction with a sales person, we analyze how efficient your sales team is, and point out ways for them to improve their product expertise and customer interaction skills.

Sales Performance

Sales performance is not all about brand, but also about human interaction. Our team of Mystery Shoppers measures the interaction with your sales team, and develops a plan to improve that, so as to drive better sales.

Trade-Marketing Performance

As a brand, you need to understand your ROI, so as to make smart trade-marketing decisions. Through our programs of Mystery Shopping and Retail Auditing, we measure conversion metrics and sales rate, and deliver unique insight on how to better them.

Infrastructure & POS Compliance

The right price matters, but so does the conjuncture. Our team of researches audits your business and provides insight into infrastructure, SKU counting, and plan programming to drive your sales through the roof.

Our Strengths

Better Analytics and Insights

Using data from our specially-tailored Mystery Shopping programs, SHOPPERS provides you with necessary information and observations, to improve your sales approach and marketing pitch. Better analytics will allow you to better your sales technique.

Consistent Coverage and Knowledge

Our team of 1,000+ Mystery Shoppers is amply trained in identifying problems in your business, and building solutions. We provide accurate and consistent solutions.

Unique Panel Quality

Our rigorously screened, tested, trained and accredited team of Mystery Shoppers is at your service, ready to take your business to the next level.

Industry Expertise

With over a decade of experience at our back, our team consists of professional, well-trained individuals with an ample understanding of everything related to business and sales in all industries.

Specialized Research Expertise

We know Mystery Shopping inside and out. We have used our years of experience to perfect our approach, avoid the common pitfalls of Mystery Shopping and create a bulletproof approach. SHOPPERS delivers accurate and thorough research insights to your business.

Efficiency and Innovation

SHOPPERS have perfected a unique approach to Mystery Shopping. Through the years, we’ve delivered reliable and innovative solutions that have chiseled a reputation of unparalleled success.


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